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Our workshop

Nicolaos Rapsomanikis entered into the field of silversmithing from a very young age, following the steps of his father who was one of the most famous craftsmen of his age. Driven by the love for silver and also by the desire to continue the family tradition in the field, Nicolaos Rapsomanikis was led to the establishment of his own workshop of silver icons and ecclesiastical items in 1975 always paying great attention to the high quality of his creations.

He creates unique copies of museum artifacts and ecclesiastical items all of which are handmade and produced with respect to the Byzantine tradition. In the recent years, his two children, Eleni and Christos have also entered in the family business offering a fresh perspective but still maintaining the family tradition..

Our experience that certainly counts many years, the high quality of our products along with the credibility and consistency of our work are factors that have proven our workshop to be a leading one in the field of creation and production of handmade, silver, ecclesiastical items. All of our products are distinct not only in the Greek but also in the international market.

In our facilities, we have the latest technological equipment used by some of the most well trained and experienced staff that guarantee an autonomous production of a wide variety of artifacts.

Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 01
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 02
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 08
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 09
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 04
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 05
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 07
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 06
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 03
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 10
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 12
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 13
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 14
Rapsomanikis Ergastirio 11

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