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Unique Pieces Of Art

Λειψανοθήκη E 294017
Product SKU: E 294017

Reliquary 40x24cm

Λειψανοθήκη Ασημένια - Silver Reliquary - Реликварий E 291910
Product SKU: E 291910

Silver Reliquary 19x14cm

Λειψανοθήκη Ασημένια - Silver Reliquary - Реликварий E 291913
Product SKU: E 291913

Silver Reliquary 19x14cm

Product SKU: 108


Λειψανοθήκη E 292815
Product SKU: E 292815

Reliquary 28x17cm

Λειψανοθήκη E 292216
Product SKU: E 292216

Reliquary 22x11cm

Άγιος Γεώργιος Δρακοντοκτόνος
Product SKU: 102

Saint George

Άξιον Εστί
Product SKU: 103

Virgin Mary

Παναγία Θεοσκέπαστος
Product SKU: 101

Virgin Mary

Ευαγγελισμός Της Θεοτόκου
Product SKU: 105

The Annunciation